Love for the Weak?

Who says love is for the weak?

To love is all powerful. To love is the purest act of bravery. To love is casting aside every defense and allowing all that is bold and valiant to manifest through you.

Loving is the act of being utterly vulnerable. It is the act of being totally visible. It is the act of being extraordinarily human.

To love is stripping everything that blocks love from moving to you and through you. It is chest bare, face turned towards heaven, eyes fixed steady on God. It is tears mixed with rain drops rolling down your face as you declare to the storm, “I still believe!”

Loving is the act of offering you as the ultimate gift. With your heart in outstretched hands, you mirror the Light of God. It is how mortal man co-creates with God. It is how man exhibits the very essence of Him.

Who says love is for the weak? It is not for the pensive, the timid, or the coward. It is for those daring enough to stand in the likeness of God. Stand and be of good courage, mighty champion. Hold to your truth, mighty warrior of Love.