#SSSVEDA 2014: TFTBN Blog & Vlog

Hey, Dee! Where the heck have you been?

That, My Friend, is a fantastic question. You see… what had happened was…

As I continue on this sober journey that is now my life, I have discovered that when you “get a life,” it is A LOT of work. It takes far less energy to sit still and complain about how bad your life is, but it also produces far less results.

Considering this is my second chance at life, I have decided to do the work.

In December I started a new job that leaves me feeling as if my hair is on fire each day. The nature of the beast I suppose. Then, don’t forget my very active 7 year old that I co-parent with my ex-husband. She is bright, smart, clever, funny, generous, creative… you know – AWESOME with pigtails!

Also, blessings have been overtaking me so I am now also a contributor to the Inspired Home Office blog. An amazing woman who I went to high school with has created solutions for organization that are specifically designed for creative types like me. To read my experience as I move through the process, check out my first entry “Dee Speaks: I Hid the Shame until I was Overwhelmed.”

Just as my plate seemed filled to capacity, an awesomely talented film production guru suggested that I should take the SSSVEDA 2014 challenge and vlog for the 30 days of April.

Vlog? Me? Say what now?

The thought was so exciting that first, I squealed. Then immediately the thought of putting myself out in the universe in a new way made me want to pee my pants. I now call this phenomenon “glee pee”.

My bad. TMI.

But seriously, when I weighed the pros and cons of starting to vlog, the only thing in the “Don’t You Dare Do It,” column was fear. That is no longer a good enough excuse to keep me from participating in this new, awesome, sober second chance at life I have been gifted.

With that in mind, I have joined a group of people pledging (or trying really freaking hard to) post a video on our respective YouTube channels the 30 days of April. 30 days, 30 vlogs. You can watch my journey at my YouTube channel DenitraLetriceTFTBN.

At the end of this experiment, I will decide if it something I want to continue.

The benefits are already so visible. First, I am using Twitter to connect with the other people taking the challenge. I have used my Twitter account more in the last two days than the previous last 6 months. Follow me for updates @TFTBN.

This challenge also shed light on the fact that most blogs are not original short fiction stories produced under great pressure, every Sunday. (That was my original personal goal. Cute, huh?) Now, I know that while I can post short stories on TFTBN.com’s blog, it is far more important that I post something on a regular basis so I can connect with you. After all, you are so very important to me.

So… check me out on April 1st for #SSSVEDA 2014 or stay tuned as I will update this site to highlight my favorite videos from each week. Thank you so much for your love and support. 2014, here’s to great NEW things. #TeamSoberDee


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Inspired Home Office Blog – Dee Speaks: The Wish Kit – Part Two

When I started reading The Wish Kit, I had pretty clear intention of what I was expecting to achieve. I would create one of those home offices like the ones featured in the Pottery Barn catalog. I would prove to myself once and for all that I am more JK Rowlings and less Pig Pen from the Peanuts. I would prove that I AM NOT A MESS!

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Inspired Home Office Blog – Dee Speaks: The Wish Kit – Part One

But like most things in my life, it is hard for me to begin at the beginning. I get lost in the hugeness and overwhelmed, followed quickly by resignation to defeat. It is about this time that being organized is something for “them” but not for me. Over and over, for the better part of my life, this has been my pattern. But today is a new day.

Rather than trying to eat the elephant in just one bite, I asked Jennifer Hofmann for advice on where I should start. She suggested I should start by reading her eBook on organization entitled, The Wish Kit. After reading just one page I understood why she guided me in this way.

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