TFTBN Thursday Post: Top 3 Sources of #Inspiration

The TFTBN Tuesday Prompt was designed to get us thinking about what tools we have in our creative toolbox. What do we do when the creative juices stop flowing? How do we unstick when we are stuck?

It happens to us all. And what we do to get back in the swing of things is probably as different for each of us as our fingerprint. As mentioned in the TFTBN Wednesday Discussion, I want the opportunity to learn from you. I am certain that the insight, ideas, and inspiration boosters you have to offer will help me to grow into my biggest, best, writer-y self. And I hope my ideas will do the same for you.

To be candid, the longer I am “blocked” or frustrated in the creative process, the more time the enemy of self doubt has to creep in and rob me of my confidence. It tells me I am not a writer or no one wants to hear what I have to say. By exchanging these solutions, we are giving each other more ammo against that wily foe.

So… without further ado, here are my Top 3 Sources of Inspiration:

1.) MUSIC !!! – For the record, yes I did type that word and then throw my hands up and chair dance. Music is an old friend of mine. It transports me through any creative obstacle, hurdle, and even breaks down creative brick walls. The artist, mood, genre, and volume may vary based on what type of blockage I experience, but it is always a healing balm for my soul.

(Yup… still dancing in my chair. Don’t judge me.)

2.) COOKING – This one actually took me a bit by surprise. I had to pay attention to my creative pattern to notice it. Time and time again I have observed I get up from my laptop in frustration, begin cooking, and suddenly I am arranging food on a plate like a work of art. It is less in the eating of the food, then the creating the food. To be able to put in some effort, stand back while looking at a finished product and say to myself, “It is good.” It reinforces the fact that I am a creative being and gets me back in front of my laptop again.

3.) DREAMS – This one is probably the most unpredictable, I admit, but it really works for me. Since I was a little kid, I have been able to remember even the smallest details about my dreams. At times, they seem to be full length movies that go on forever. I always keep a journal or a voice recorder by the bed so I can wake from sleep and immediately begin recording them. As I pour back over the ideas in the light of day, I find that with a few tweaks, there are stories just longing to be told.

But enough about me… what inspires you? Don’t hold back. I can’t wait to hear from you!
(Takes about a pad and gets ready to take notes.)

Ciao for now,
Denitra Letrice

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TFTBN Wednesday Discussion: Top 3 Inspirations

TFTBN Tuesday Prompt: Tell us about your top 3 sources of inspiration. It can be anything… a place, a person, a practice. Whatever gets you excited about creating, share it with us.

Don’t just spectate, participate! Now… Stop Reading This and Go Write Something! (Actually, watch this, THEN go write something!)

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To My Shero Maya Angelou


A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. – Dr. Maya Angelou

In 2012, when I was about 62 days sober, I got a ticket to hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak. Getting that ticket was improbable at best. The theater’s computer system was down for 5 days and tickets only became available at 10AM the day of the show.

That morning I had prayed to God before clicking on the box office link. “Lord, I may never get another chance to see her again. She is 84. She will not be with us forever. If it is Your will that I can go… it is the desire of my heart.” When I clicked on the link, it showed me options for available seats.

I brought a notebook with me, and I sat in the lobby and wept as I wrote. It was the first time in sobriety that I was seeing that my life – when entrusted to the care of God – could be larger than anything I had ever imagined.

I was LITERALLY in the LAST ROW. The woman sitting next to me remarked she had purchased her tickets six months before so she was surprised I was able to get a seat! I was not surprised. It was ordered and DIVINE.

And in the dark, I scribbled her words, her lessons, her jokes. The whole place vibrated and filled and resonated under the power of this one woman’s voice.

And what did she leave us with on that day? That each of us should try to be the #Rainbow in someone’s cloud.

I have the #FREEDOM to be my BIGGEST SELF because she first had the #COURAGE to be HER BIGGEST SELF! Mother Maya, I will work to make you proud. “I come as one. I stand as 10,000.”

A Grateful Daughter-Fan,
Denitra Letrice

TFTBN Tuesday Prompt: Top 3 Sources of #Inspiration

How do you find inspiration? Do you draw from reading, movies, music, etc? Do you look within? Do you need nature to create? Do you require peace and solitude found alone indoors?

And WHAT inspires you? What gets your ideas whirling around in your head? What makes you search for a pen or a camera or your voice memo recorder? What sparks that bonfire in your belly and makes you catch fire?

As a creative human being, you are unique as your fingerprint. We may sometimes try to fit in and be “normal”, we think differently…. Differently AWESOME! So tell us what you do to be inspired to help us expand our Source to draw from when we are prepared to create.

TFTBN Tuesday Prompt: Tell us about your top 3 sources of inspiration. It can be anything… a place, a person, a practice. Whatever gets you excited about creating, share it with us.

Don’t forget the TFTBN schedule:

Tuesday: Creative Prompt
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Thursday: Post Collaboration

Anyone can participate by simply commenting on any post. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Now… Stop Looking at Me and Go Write Something!

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TFTBN Monday Creative Shoutouts!

You can’t see me, but I am grinning ear to ear. It brings my heart joy to be able to post the reply to the most recent prompt: TFTBN Tuesday Prompt: When First I Fell in Love.

I am not sure if the video I posted, TFTBN Wednesday Discussion: When First I Fell in Love, made clear the intent of the prompt this week. I wanted this prompt to help us to free ourselves of all the things we attach to our art. Our expectations, the expectations of our audience, our fear, our hope. I wanted to stripe us down to that first moment that our hearts felt the bliss that comes from creating. I wanted to reignite our passion and I wanted to bring us joy.

In the TFTBN Thursday Post: My First (Creative) Love, I say “Writing was ONLY about pouring my heart out on a page and courageously handing it over to another person in an effort to be visible in this universe. It was a most intimate token of love. It was the purest form of communicating I have ever done.”

Two creatives I greatly admire added their contributions this week to let us share their “first love” experience. In both entries, you will the same passion and purity to purpose that I believe all artists share… even though their method of expression is very different.

Read and watch the contributions:

Carlo Daniel or Crgeek1’s blog post: When did you first fall in love with what you do?

MBC or Matt BrownieCake’s vlog post: When First I Fell In Love


Now… stop looking at this and go CHECK THEM OUT!!

Ciao for now,
Denitra Letrice

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TFTBN Quote: I Love You

Love is not passive. It is assertive. It is active. It is a choice. I choose love… time and time again.

Life is short. Love is eternal.

Life is short. Love is eternal.