#TWB – Traveling While Black

It is rare that I am hooked by a title. Too often a brilliant title will hang its hat over a movie, book, article, or post that leaves me wanting to invoice the author for wasting my time. But this was different. The title read, “Traveling While Black: What You Need to Know“.

How could I NOT read it? Clearly, being black, this is information I need to know! It says so right in the title! (Oh snap! It’s true! There IS a black code. I knew it!)

I kid. I kid. Be at ease all my non-black brothers and sisters. There is no (formal) “black code” but there is a very unique, interesting, and often amazing experience in your life when you are afforded to be born within brown skin.

As a frequent traveler, the auhtor’s experience is far more extensive than my own but I found myself nodding my head as I read her words. Her experience in South Africa reminded me of my experience in London almost 20 years ago. I don’t know if anyone ever stared at me. I was too busy seeing what there was to see.

What I do remember is people who were warm, welcoming, and gracious. People stopped me on the street to talk to me. They changed their plans to join me on my adventure. They took me to dinner or to a show. They were engaged and excited about my exploration of their city.

I don’t think that would happen in New York City… but then again, I don’t know that I would be open to being hosted by random strangers in NYC. So is the experience unique to the environment or do we become unique as we are experiencing it?

Take a look at Brittany Jones Cooper’s Travel Blog on Yahoo News and decide for yourself.