What Where You Thinking? – Love Remains Explained

My poem, “Love Remains” was written for a short film “Lake House 2” produced by Rugged Tribe Entertainment. Part of why I love to read is to be able to connect with the author and see what is inside their heart and mind. I thought it might be fun to decode the poem and let you know exactly what I was thinking and hoping to convey.

Since the 5th stanza is the conclusion and draws the poem together and to a close, I thought we would take a look at it.

Both life and death express the same
Sadness sings sweet refrain
But time and tide are never tame
I’m gone but love remains

Here’s what I was trying to say:

1.) Both life and death express the same
This line is peeling back the mystery of life and death. Life and death are the very same thing at their core. They are both movement and transition. They are both changing, forming and reforming. There is essentially no difference between the two.

2.) Sadness sings sweet refrain
Sadness does not seem to know or respect this reality. In poetry and music the term refrain means “a repeated line or number of lines typically at the end of each verse”. More than this, the term also means “to hold back or restrain or stop from doing something.” In this instance, the sadness fueled by grief does not see the truth of life and death.

3.) But time and tide are never tame
The “time” it takes to heal and the “tide” of emotion are two powerful forces of nature, and also completely out of human control. And ultimately, the revelation of truth is also out of our control. The griever cannot master time, tide, sadness, or revelation. It goes when it goes. We get it when we get it.

4.) I’m gone but love remains
This is the ultimate revelation that the physical form has left and is no longer visible, but the energy and power that is LOVE never goes away. Both energy and power are never created or destroy. They are both only revealed or transformed. The same is true for love.

Read It:

Love Remains… Love Remains…

Watch It:

#RaceTogether – Damnit, Man!

Last week, a thumbnail for a featured YouTube video caught my eye. It was a picture of Hip Hop DJ/Vlogger Jay Smooth from Ill Doctrine and he had “the face”. I don’t know what else to call his facial expression but I promise you, if you have ever had to give someone “the face”, then you know what I mean.

The headline below the picture told the story of “the face”. It read, “Nancy Giles Awkwardly Assumes Black Radio Host is White (Video)”. I hear myself let out that audible sound that is half outrage and half exhaustion. It is the “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Damnit, Man!”

The incident in the video as well as the subject being discussed (Starbuck’s #RaceTogether campaign) were definitely worth of a post, but I did not feel I was the one to do it. Writer friend, Wendy Grossman is my objective source for asking the tough questions (without the undertones of ‘Damnit, Man!’ that kept popping up in my head). To read her post, click her site’s banner below. Comment and let her know what you think.

Wendy Jane's Soul Shake

To Race Together Or Not, That Is The Question..Or Is Knowing Who You Are Talking To The First Question?

I appreciate what Starbucks is trying to do. I mean, at least they are doing SOMETHING! I can’t think of a single corporation who has even broached the subject – so kudos to you! But I don’t that this is the solution to starting a dialogue. I have visited Starbucks a few times. (Okay, more than a few, don’t judge me!) I seldom see people of color (not just Black Americans, but any ethnic group) in the restaurants. If I pick up my “Mucho Grande Deliciousness” from the counter and discover #RaceTogether on the side of my cup, I’m not going up to some random and starting that type of dialogue. For the record, I also would not walk up to a stranger and ask them to give me their candid views on money, politics, religion, same-sex marriage, etc.

As for penning a post to speak directly to Nancy Giles, I think Jay Smooth took care of that when he created this video. Take a look.

I’m Focused, Man

Back in 2011, when I started blogging on Thoughts from the Blue Notebook, I didn’t really do much planning. It was an impulsive attempt to share my writing. It was a last ditch effort to grab hold of the one thing I felt was keeping me sane – writing. It was a point where I felt my life was asking me to give up on my dream.

I once had a boss who would say, “Throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and let’s see what sticks.” This was that. Could I write original creative pieces well, consistently, over time? Would people make the decision and have the desire to read it? Could I actually “be” a writer or would I be destined to remain in the realm of “becoming”?

As personal challenges and transformations occurred in my life, I did not write impulsively because a written word on the internet can never be retrieved. There are these large gaps of stillness on the blog during the beginning of my sober journey, during my divorce, during low spots in my career. As my interests shifted, so did the focus of the blog. In short, it wound up wandering as I did the same.

When does writing become a chore instead of a passion? For me, it was when I shifted from telling you what was in my heart and instead started to tell you the stuff in my mind. You know the big words and bullshit we think people want to hear. The “safe stuff”, the censored stuff, the stuff that won’t make people all judgey and junk.

I tried different media and methods of delivery, different voices, different styles, and different topics over the years. For the most part, though, I was consistently presenting what I thought people wanted to read instead of showing you what I want to write. It’s been me but not me. It’s the professional me, not the personal me. But something feels inauthentic about that and it’s no surprise that both my motivation and inspiration dried up.

So here’s the deal. I am going to just open up and have at it. I reserve the right to tell a story or two, but I think instead I want to have a conversation with you. I want you to read what I write and feel as if we are in my living room having coffee. I will share with you what I know and what I am learning. I will share my joy and my pain. Plain, unfiltered, interesting or uninteresting, divine and defective, both human AND being. We are going to keep it real.

As busy as life forces us to be these days, the least I can do is show up for you when you show up for me. So that is the new focus for my blog. To consistently keep it real about ALL things I encounter in life as a WMD – Writer, Mother, Dreamer.