#Gratitude In Action – Lesson from an Apple Tree

I heard someone say, “An apple tree does not NEED its own apples.”

HOLY SMOKES! Selah – pause and calmly think about that! Think about it:

An apple seed is richly nourished and safely sheltered by the earth. From sprout to tree – through all seasons of growth – the earth freely gives all that it has to offer to the tree.

When the apple tree matures, what does it do in response to all it has been given? What does it do to say, “Thank you”? The gratitude of an apple tree takes ACTION!

It sheds its fruit upon the earth. It gives back. It pays forward. A healthy, mature apple tree never refuses to give its fruit to the world.

Yet every day we hide the best parts of ourselves. We seal ourselves off from the world. We hoard our fruit – our gifts, our talents, our skills, our thoughts, our love – and rob the world of what we have to offer.

What if we…

lived like…

apple trees?


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Humbly Submit Myself…

It’s interesting the way we humans dwell in the humanness of our conditions. It’s interesting that even as I wake in the morning, I am already driven by my own will. From the instant my eyes open, my agenda is already running in my head. It’s a soundtrack that plays in the dream world and this one as well. Upon the waking realization that certain goals have yet to be attained, I grind my teeth and clench my jaw.

Good morning. The silent protest has begun. Grrrr.

My actions are in compliance with the will of God, but my emotions are not in acceptance of it. I am doing it because I must. It’s like a bridled horse that is moving but not submitted. I’m moving forward, but not in full speed or with ease. I am DRAGGING forward. I don’t run off, but I jump up within the space. That kind of horse is not really an asset because it can’t be trusted to truly mind.

I don’t think I want to be that. In fact, I know that’s not who I want to be. I want to partner with God. I want Him to be able to trust me with this assignment. His hand should not always need to be on the bridle to keep me moving forward. We should be able to walk, peacefully, side by side.

I’m reaching towards that mark. That is where I want to be. I want His direction and my action to be seamless. I want to be able to be trustworthy. I want Him to say go and I start moving. That is my desired end.