IT Does Matter

Without warning, it happens to all of us. We find ourselves losing but not lost; we are there in the valley of the shadow. It is the place where the “it” that is you does not seem to matter. It is the place where the you that is “it” does not seem to make a difference. It is the point where hope joins with less. For some it is the end.

And then you hear it. A still small voice calls out from the nothing. A light appears in the darkness of nowhere.

And then you know “it” does matter. So once again, you begin dancing and singing and writing and painting and acting and rapping and dreaming and hoping and loving because…

You may be the small Voice calling out from nothing. You may be the light that appears out of darkness. And you keep being the “it” that is you because it does matter to those here now and those yet to come. You keep moving through because we are all counting on you.