Life’s Purpose

The concept of PURPOSE is lost on some, I know. To them, it is some new age, granola, fuzzy thing. It is intangible therefore incomprehensible. It is “Amen” and “Om”. It is kumbaya. More than that, it requires what they are unwilling or unable to give. It requires a long, slow, deep look within. It requires the faith to believe life is more than birth and death with a ton of nothing framed between. It is finding meaning in the smallest, silliest of things.

It is vibrant as the sun and still as dark as night.
It is chaos and it is calm. It is heavy. It is light.
It is joy and sorrow both so big they overwhelm the reach of words.
It is in a baby’s laugh. It’s in the song of birds.
It is the ordinary and extraordinary. It is the here and there.
It is in wide open spaces or tight places that stifle out all air.
It is the space within the zero that anchors it in place.
It is the wind within you that helps you run your race.

All of which can only ever truly be seen when you look within yourself and ask your heart what they mean.

#Gratitude In Action – Lesson from an Apple Tree

I heard someone say, “An apple tree does not NEED its own apples.”

HOLY SMOKES! Selah – pause and calmly think about that! Think about it:

An apple seed is richly nourished and safely sheltered by the earth. From sprout to tree – through all seasons of growth – the earth freely gives all that it has to offer to the tree.

When the apple tree matures, what does it do in response to all it has been given? What does it do to say, “Thank you”? The gratitude of an apple tree takes ACTION!

It sheds its fruit upon the earth. It gives back. It pays forward. A healthy, mature apple tree never refuses to give its fruit to the world.

Yet every day we hide the best parts of ourselves. We seal ourselves off from the world. We hoard our fruit – our gifts, our talents, our skills, our thoughts, our love – and rob the world of what we have to offer.

What if we…

lived like…

apple trees?