As She Sleeps

As she sleeps, I sit and wonder

if my daughter really knows

how loved and adored she is by me

that even my bone marrow loves her

that each vein, each artery, each capillary

that each idea, each thought, each breath

are all laced with love for her

that I was born to birth her

and raise her

and love her

that she is a part of my purpose,

a piece of my destiny

that my love for her is as close as my shadow

my next breath

and present as today and tomorrow

that I am better

so much better

a better, better me

more authentic because

that’s who I want her to know as she looks at me

that I do not fear death, only wish I could always be with her

that I do not fear life, only wish she could always be with me

that I have done no great thing save be inspired by her voice saying, “Mom,” to me…

And as she sleeps, I sit and wonder

if my daughter really knows

that she deserves every GOOD thing life has to offer because

that’s what she is to me.


The Audacity of the Cookie

When Jewels was 18 months old, she woke me up early one morning, leaned in so her cherub-like face was an inch from mine, furrowed her little brow and said one word…


She did not ask:
May I have a cookie? Do we have cookies in the house? Can we go buy cookies if we don’t have them? Do I need to eat “strong food” before the cookie? Am I worthy to receive a cookie?


At less than 2 years old, around 6AM, with a limited vocabulary, #mySHINE decided within herself:



NO, she didn’t get a cookie at 6AM. SHE GOT IT AT 6PM, AFTER HER DINNER!

I made it my business to give her a cookie and remind her “This is the cookie you asked for this morning.” I so admired her AUDACITY and COURAGE to ask and her total resounding BELIEF SHE COULD HAVE IT!

So even the NO she received at 6AM was really only a “NOT NOW.” It did not mean (and rarely means in life) NOT EVER!

I pray she never loses her courage to ask for what she wants out of life. I pray all of us take courage from her example.

Ask, and ask, and ask, and ask, and ask, and it shall be given you…