He is..

He is more than the image of a man. He is who he appears to be. His product matches his bill of sales.

He is whole. He is real. He is more than male. He measures his value in more than the size of his penis.

He is active brain. He thinks and ponders before he speaks. He is more than a high IQ to inflate his ego. He is more than his ability to amass feverish jumbles of words, thrown together in tremendous wave after wave to overtake the listener.

He completely uncovers himself as he speaks. He bears himself naked before you. He desires you know his mind and see within his heart.

He is sure enough within himself that he need not prove his strength. He is strong enough to be vulnerable. He is curious and discovers like a child. He is excited and exciting. He is interested and interesting. He is willing to commune and communicate.

He is growing, changing, transforming, and evolving. He is stretching himself into the full breadth and depth of who he is created to be. He searches within himself and marvels at what he finds. He has peace as he grows into his own greatness. His plans for the future contain no thoughts of “average”, “mediocre” or “just okay”.

He believes he was formed in the image of God, co-creates with God, loves like God, and manifests God. His life is bigger than his appetites. He believes in a “We” enhanced by, not at the cost of “me”.

He lives with honesty and integrity even when no one is looking. He believes his word is an extension of who he is and it holds weight to him. He is accountable to himself to demonstrate dignity and respect. His goal is to be a man of great honor. He strives to be a man of great peace.

He has pride in everything he touches. He has pride in how he works. He has pride in how he cares for those he loves and those who love him. He weighs his actions on how they affect everything connected to him.

He is passionately contagious. He is an inspiration. He is physical. He is spiritual. He is all that he is and unashamed. He has feelings, but his feelings don’t have him.

He sees us as one spirit in two bodies. He believes an injury to me is a wound to his own heart. He takes no victory in winning at my expense. He delights in me. He is passionate about me. He wants me but does not need me. He is affected by me. He is moved by me. He is excited by me. He is inspired by me. He is proud of me. He is honored to walk with me. He is strength to me. He is in love with me. He is love to me.

He is generous. He is kind. He is wise. He is mine.

He is worth waiting to find…

6 thoughts on “He is..

  1. KLH says:

    Most excellent!!

  2. shayla esgdaille says:

    Wow!!!! That is inspirational. He is mine too!

  3. Wendy Jane says:

    wow! wow! wow! Your writing is amazing–this is so wonderfully writing, and full of feeling–sorry, my words can’t do justice to your creativity.

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