Fragile Heart

Fragile heart, woe unto you no more. You have found a friend in me. Oh gentle alien amongst men, come here and rest. Come close and find peace. Come here and be blessed.

Standing here, I bear myself before you. I am openly waiting for you. Do not let hopelessness blind me from your sight. Do you not hear me? Do you not feel me? Do you not know me?

Feel my lips at the nape of your neck, sculpting bursts of breath into the words, “I love you. You are safe here with me.” Spend your nights secure in my arms. Look deep into my eyes and know you need not search for love anymore.

I am loving and longing, tempting and teasing, just one breath from breathless, and a single kiss from forever.


Woe unto you, fragile heart. This world is no place for you. You will be an alien amongst men. This world is not a kind place. It is filled with enough pain to make you shatter, enough aches to make you turn to stone.

It would be best you stay in heaven, fragile heart. Down here, many sleepless nights await you. There are many days laced with sorrow where your dreams will not come true. You will be broken and bruised, mistreated and used. Happiness comes quickly and passes with great haste. Oh, gentle fragile heart, your precious gift will go to waste.

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