What is Sexy?

It is “head up, shoulders back.”

It is the perfect arch of an interested eyebrow.

It is soft lips parting to reveal sparkling white teeth.

It is the instant you catch eyes and your lips curl into an inviting smile.

It is the skin tight “freak ‘em” dress and matching stilettos.

It is a clean white t-shirt, bare feet and your best fitting pair of jeans.

It is a chromed out motorcycle complete with loud pipes.

It is the rhythm of bass in your favorite love song.

It is in the rest between the notes.

It is in the space between the inhale and the exhale.

It is watching your man cut the grass on a hot day, all sweaty and stuff.

It is installing my own washer and dryer while my baby girl hands me the tools.

It is short puffs of warm breath at the nape of your neck sculpting air into “I love you.”

It is when your nose draws in the scent of your lover as you nuzzle your face into his chest.

It is in your core, in your belly, in your hair follicles.

It is universal and it is cellular.

It is fragrant and pleasing.

It is delicious and satisfying.

It is both cool and warm to the touch.

It is more than I could ever identify, but in short, it is amazing!

2 thoughts on “What is Sexy?

  1. nina says:

    YES! He has a brother 😉

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