Warriors of Pen and Prose

Warriors of Pen and Prose

Blessed Are the Weird People

Blessed are the Weird People

#Gratitude In Action – Lesson from an Apple Tree

I heard someone say, “An apple tree does not NEED its own apples.”

HOLY SMOKES! Selah – pause and calmly think about that! Think about it:

An apple seed is richly nourished and safely sheltered by the earth. From sprout to tree – through all seasons of growth – the earth freely gives all that it has to offer to the tree.

When the apple tree matures, what does it do in response to all it has been given? What does it do to say, “Thank you”? The gratitude of an apple tree takes ACTION!

It sheds its fruit upon the earth. It gives back. It pays forward. A healthy, mature apple tree never refuses to give its fruit to the world.

Yet every day we hide the best parts of ourselves. We seal ourselves off from the world. We hoard our fruit – our gifts, our talents, our skills, our thoughts, our love – and rob the world of what we have to offer.

What if we…

lived like…

apple trees?