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Last year in April, it was suggested to me by James at Rugged Tribe Entertainment that I join VEDA. “VEDA” stands for “Vlog Every Day in April (or August). He is talented young filmmaker (Peep Rugged Tribe Entertainment’s Channel) so when he said I should, I thought, “Why the heck not?!?”

So… I’m back at it again. I love making the videos because it is closer to you and I having a conversation. You get the facial expressions. You get the inflection of my voice. You get me. We get to be “peoples”. 🙂

(You also get to hear all the words and concepts I make up for fun that would not be included, per say, in something I write.)

But this April, two things are new! First, I am working with the prompts presented by the crew at BattenHall. I want to go “all in” on the value of what they do. It is one thing to get a “drive by” visit on your blog or website or vlog. It is another thing to communicate your brand effectively to establish consumer loyalty and keep them coming back to you faithfully… THAT is what they do!

Second, I am not going to post a video here every single day in April. Last year, anything that I wrote during VEDA (and I did write) was lost between the videos. I suppose I could separate content pages but… that sounds a lot like a project best suited to another day!

Not “never”… just “not now”.

I did want to drop one link to the playlist for the all the videos done this month. So if you don’t want to go to TFTBN YouTube Channel then you can watch the video below and they will all automatically play for you!

Watch. Laugh. Tell me what you think.


Now… Stop Looking at Me and Go Write Something!

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