TFTBN Thursday Post: Who You Talking To?

In the world of marketing the TFTBN Tuesday Prompt is what we call, “defining a target demographic.” It determines the tone and length of the piece. It determines the message. It even determines the words that are used or omitted.

It is “the Voice.”

If words are orchestrated masterfully enough they blend together to tell a story that has never been told. Or at least in theory they do. In reality, I have been chronically plagued by the disease of “people pleasing”.

I was so afraid of offending people or being misunderstood that my pen would screech to a halt as images of disapproving faces flashed in my mind. “They are going to know – good and well – that I am talking about them. F*@k! What do I do?”

So I would work and rework and rework a piece, changing the voice to one that was socially acceptable across many audiences. Cutting it back. Pruning it. Killing it then bringing it back to life again.

Tweaking the Voice. Fine tuning the Voice. Finessing the Voice. The Voice was taken from a BOOMING SOUND to a whisper until finally the Voice said nothing at all.

There sat my creativity, dried up and withering on the vine. I was miserable. Both to be and to be around. When I say in the TFTBN Wednesday Discussion “that stuff will kill you,” I was speaking from personal experience. Languishing between creative life and death, I decided to make a shift.

It was something I heard in church once. “For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.” That is who I am talking to and that is who I am speaking for. I write for those with whom it resonates. I write for those that “get it”. I write for the ones who feel as if I eavesdrop on their heart.

For the nerds and the geeks. For the weirdoes and the freaks. For the different, not the same. For the persistently unique.

For the “not normal”, “I’m an alien,”, “nobody gets me”, “Eff fitting in.”

For the fairy, the unicorn, the mermaid, the phoenix.

For the X-men who are called “mutant”. For Superman who steps on his own cape.

For those who speak “human” only as their second language.

For the “you’re too much…” and “you’re not enough…” of any and everything.

For the ones who think in prose. For the ones who see in HD. For the ones who hear in music. For the ones who dream in 3D.

For the ones who work to repossess their lives. For the ones who bow like the Willow tree but don’t fall down. For the ones who float like a balloon on a breeze, dragging their string on the ground.

To the faith that stands up when your feelings are on the floor. For the thing that makes you extend your hand to try just one more door. For the dreamers. For the believers. For the warrior poets with their pens.

I am speaking to hope on life support. To the don’t give up and don’t you dare give in.

I’m talking to you. I am speaking for me. I am talking to us. I am speaking for we…

Now, stop looking at this and GO WRITE SOMETHING!

Ciao for now,
Denitra Letrice

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15 thoughts on “TFTBN Thursday Post: Who You Talking To?

  1. donna says:

    Wow… This is some deep stuff. This is really hurt felt and to the point. Ver good.. Keep writing for us Dee. ~ God has truly blessed you to write.

    • Hi Donna. I need to reread this in daylight. I was on the computer so long yesterday that as I wrote this, my eyes “stopped working.” They literally went out of focus and refused to align again. Talk about a sign to step away for awhile. LOL! I appreciate your continued support. Thank you so very much. 🙂

  2. #WatchNow as Carlo tells us who he is talking to. I love his reply and the subtitles in Spanish.

  3. Hey Dee, I had to take a couple of days to ponder on it. Who does my writing connect to the most? Who’s my audience? Even though I write in multiple genres, I think there’s an underlying voice there. So this is what I decided:

    • Hi Tamara, This post is amazing. I knew you were speaking to me! Your honesty, clarity, and conviction are the reasons I keep visiting (and revisiting) your blog all the time. Thanks so much for collaborating with us. All my best, Dee

  4. Melissa says:

    Ok, here goes. I’m participating.

    • YESSSSSS! I am so frigging happy I am doing a happy dance in my hamster wheel… I mean cubicle. I am such a fan of your vlog and now a fan of your writing too! Thanks so much for this reply. All my best, Dee!

  5. I just came here from Tamara’s blog. I got chills when I read this. I too am plagued with trying to please. It has stifled my words too many times. I think, after reading this, that is why I write my best when I’m angry. I stop worrying about what people are going to think and just write. This, what you just said here, is beautiful and powerful. I am going to read it again. And I may print it and put it right by my laptop so I can shrug off all the thoughts that lurk and threaten to quiet my voice. Thank you so much for this!

    • Gretchen… it was hard to read your comment as tears kept stinging my eyes. I know exactly what you mean. I think at times writing is not difficult… fighting those voices we hear as we do are what is so draining. I can’t tell you the number of times I have said, “Forget it.” But that is about as effective as when a small child holds their breath until they get their way. I think I will actually print your comment and keep it by my laptop so when I feel “no one is even listening”, I can be of good courage. Thank you so much for collaborating with us. 🙂 All my best, Dee.


    sorry nothing special been a bit …busy…this week love your piece

    • As usual, I am very honored and impressed. I liked the action of the cats in the intro and then the simple MBC logo. Also, the overhearing the cell conversation was a brilliant analogy! Thank you for the collab, MBC. I am a fan. – Dee

  7. Kareen says:

    Excellent points here Denitra! You’re always opening Pandora’s box for me although this has a positive consequence 🙂 I used to be the CPP (Chief People Pleaser) and yeah, it’ll kill ‘ya and what’s worse – those people won’t even notice that you’re dead. Not worth it but it’s difficult to overcome. Even as I consider creating my blog, I know part of my block is ‘what will people say?’ or ‘what will people think?’

    You know what? I need to hear what you’re saying so I’m glad you’re busting out! When I create, I’m talking to females who feel the passion to lead, to be a change agent or who want to right wrongs they witness daily. They just don’t know where to start. My goal is to create content that inspires action and authentic leadership right where life finds them.

    • Oh. My. Goodness. When I read your words, “and what’s worse – those people won’t even notice that you’re dead,” I started talking to my laptop. “I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! I’m all dead and junk, and there they are still living… and junk!” LOL! I personally know a LOT of women who could benefit from a resource that helps them own their voice and their vision and develop an action plan so trust me when I say, “The world needs your LIGHT, Kareen.” I know I do. Peace and blessings upon you, My Sister Friend. All My Best, Dee

  8. Considerer says:

    Ahhh I keep ending up back here, and every time I do, I am SO GLAD I came. I love this post – it’s awesome and speaks so beautifully clearly. And with VOLUME 😀

    Thank you for those words.

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